Abraham Calov 1612-1686

Case 7 shelf 2, back row

Lectured to as many as 500 students. 28 works on syncretistic controversy alone. Highly respected by his theological colleagues and despised by his adversaries. Chief proponent of confessional Lutheran orthodoxy.

  • Biblia Testamenti Veteris Illustrata. Tomus I. Frankurt am Main, 1672. Volume II missing.
  • Biblia Novi Testamenti illustrata. Tomus I of New Testament. Exhibens Harmoniam Evangelistarum et annotat ad libros Evangeliorum ut et Acta Apostolica. Frankfurt am Main, 1676.
  • Biblia Novi Testamenti illustrata. Tomus II of New Testament. Exhibens Epistolas apostolicas universas et Apocalypsin Joyhanneam.
  • Consensus Repetitus Fidei Vere Lutheranae. 1709. This was an attack on Georg Calixtus 1586-1656.



Johann Gerhard (1582-1637)

Case 6 row 5 back row

Case 6, shelf 5

He was the Thomas Aquinas of 17c Lutheranism and also its Bernard of Clairvaux. When he was seriously ill at fifteen, Johann Arndt was his pastor.

  • Articulorum de Scriptura Sacra. Jena, 1625.
  • Confessio Catholica. Jena, 1642. Lutheran teachings were consistent with the Bible and with earlier theologians honored by the Catholic tradition.
  • Confessionis Catholicae in qua Doctrina Catholica et Evangelica…. 1664. With Johann Ernst Gerhard, his son.
  • Loci Theologici. 1667. There were nine volumes in all.
  • Locorum Theologicorum. Volume 4. Frankfurt & Hamburg, 1667.
  • Locorum Theologicorum. Volume 7. Frankfurt & Hamburg, 1667.
  • Meditationes Sacrae. Frankfurt, 1664. First published in 1607. This book reflects on Christian teachings and Christian living.
  • Postille, das ist Auslegung und Erklärung sonntäglichen und vornehmsten Fest-Evangelien….First part: From Advent to Pentecost. Berlin, 1870. Preface is dated 1612. From the estate of John H. Tietjen.
  • Postille, das ist Auslegung und Erklärung sonntäglichen und vornehmsten Fest-Evangelien….Third part: Festivals of the Apostles and Other Festivals. Leipzig and St. Louis 1877. From the estate of John H. Tietjen.

Salomon Glassius 1593-1656
Case 7 shelf 2, back row

  • Philologia Sacra. Leipzig, 1705. Also printings in 1725, 1742, 1776. Glassius was Johann Gerhard’s successor at Jena. This was a biblical, philological encyclopedia which was widely used for about two centuries.


David Hollaz (1648-1713)
Case 6, row 2

  • Examen theologicum acroamaticum. 3rd edition. Rostock and Leipzig, 1722. A second copy with the signature of H. E. Jacobs, 1866.
  • Examen theologicum acroamaticum. 5th edition, 1734.


Thomas Höflich, Pastor in Fladungen, Bavaria, Germany
Mors. Actores Varia Mortalium

Case 1 shelf 4

Published in 1690

Given in memory of the Rev. Harry A. Timm (1907-1980) by his son the Rev. Lowell Timm, September 2012

Johann Friedrich Koenig 1619-1664
Case 7 row 2, front row

  • Theologia Positivo-Acromatica. Wittenberg, 1755. Koenig influenced Quenstedt’s Theologia Didactico Polemica.

 Johannes Lorenz von Mosheim 1694-1775

Case 8 shelf 3

  • Elementa Theologiae Dogmaticae. 3rd ed. revised and emended by Chr. Dern. De Windheim, 1781. Mosheim is the father of modern church history.


Johannes Andreas Quenstedt (1617-1688)
Case 6 row 2

  • Antiquitates Biblicae et Ecclesiasticae. Wittenberg, 1688.
  • Theologia Didactico-Polemica. Section 2, 1696.



Veit Ludwig von Seckendorf 1626-1692

Case 2 shelf 5

Commentarius historicus et apologeticus de Lutheranismo. Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1692. This is basically a refutation of L. Maimbourg’s Histoire du Lutheranisme of 1680. Maimbourg, 1610-1686, was forced out of the Jesuits by Innocent XI, and many of his works were placed on the Index of Prohibited Books. This book was once owned by W. H. T. Dau, 1864-1844, who was President of Valparaiso University from 1926-1929. From the estate of John H. Tietjen.



Wilhelm Martin Leberecht de Wette (1780-1849)

Case 6 row 3

De Wette dated Deuteronomy to the reform of Josiah. Later he edited Luther’s letters. His final teaching position was at Basel.

  • Lehrbuch der christlichen Dogmatik. Erster Theil. Die biblische Dogmatik enthaltend. 3rd improved edition. Berlin: Reimer, 1831.
  • Lehrbuch der christlichen Dogmatic. Zweyter Theil. Die Dogmatik der lutherischen Kirche enthaltend. 2nd improved edition. Berlin Reimer, 1821.

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