Anniversary Medals Undated

Obverse: Confirmation medal.  Honor your father and mother. Medal made by Ferdinand Helfricht in Gotha.
Reverse: So that it may go well with you and you may live long on the earth. 19th century. Perhaps 1837. Weight 3.9; Height 23.65; Width 23.66. Brozatus #105.


Obverse: A Mighty Fortress is our God. Martin Luther 1483-1546. Biblia Sacra. Below a cup with rays coming out of the host. M. & W. St = Mayer und Wilhelm, Stuttgart. Possibly from 1917. Weight 40.7; Height 50.81; Width 39.09. Brozatus #127.




Obverse: Luther
Reverse: Martinus Lutherus Germanus Theologus Religionis Christianae in Germania Instaurator. Born Eisleben. Lived Wittenberg. Died in Fatherland 1546. Age 63. Weight 10; Height 25.83; Width 25.84.

Obverse: Martinus Lutherus
Reverse: blank

Weight 12.4; Height 51.8; Width 51.8.


Obverse: Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Society
Reverse: Lutheran Brotherhood Distinguished Service Award.
Weight 224.2; Height 76.07; Width 76.04

Obverse: Luther
Reverse: In German: Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God, help me. Amen. Weight 5.6; Height 17.89; Width 17.91. Not in Brozatus.




Brozatus, Klaus-Peter. Refomatio in Nummis. Osnabrück: Künker, 2015