17th Century Publications

These volumes are located on Case 8 rows 4 and 5 except where noted.

Carpzov,  Johann Benedikt the Elder. Isagoge in libros ecclesiarum luth. symbolicos. 1665. 1742 pages. Johann Benedikt Carpzov, 1607-1657, wrote these studies on the confessional documents in the Lutheran Book of Concord.














Cave, William. Chartophylax Ecclesiasticus…addita nun sunt Paralipomena ad hunc Charophyyacem Pauli Colomesii.  Leipzig, 1687. 392 pages Bound in same volume with Sebastian Schmidt below.

Chemnitz, Martin. Loci Theologici, 1653. Six volumes bound as one. part 1, 245; part 2, 299, part 3, 234; part 4 133; part 5 205; part 6, 54.  Chemnitz, 1522-1586, first published this work in 1591. “If Martin [Chemnitz] had not come along, Martin [Luther] would hardly have survived.”

Chemnitz, Martin, Lyser, Polycarp, and Gerhard, Johann. Harmoniae Quatuor Evangelistarum. Hamburg 1652. Vol II, 1-1164, begins with chapter 141. Volume III, 1165-2279, begins with chapter 173. A harmony of the four gospels.

Dannhauer, Johan Conrad. Odosofia Christiana seu Theologia Positiva. Leipzig, 1695. 1,507 pages. Dannhauer, 1603-1666, was a theologian of the Lutheran Orthodox Tradition.

Flacius Illyricus, Mathias. Clavis Scripture Sacrae. Leipzig, 1696. Late revision of a work first published in 1574.  First Lutheran hermeneutics text, along with a dictionary of exegetical terminology.

Flacius Illyricus, Matthias. Tēs tou uiou theou kainēs diathēkēs apanta. Novum Testamentum Jesu Christi ex versione Erasmi. Frankfurt, 1659. An edition of the Greek New Testament; first edition, 1570. 1,394 pages. Diglot Greek and Latin. Greek is close to fourth edition of Stephanus in 1553. Latin is Erasmus revised, together with Flacius commentary in Latin. See Darlow and Moule II, no. 1570.














Gerhard, Johann. Annotationes posthumae in Evangelium D. Matthaei. 1676. 1,158 pages. Gerhard, 1582-1637. Posthumous comments on Matthew.

Gerhard, Johann. Commentarius super Epistolam ad Ebraeos. Jena, 1641. 495 pages. [Commentary on the book of Hebrews]. Johann Gerhard, 1582-1637, was called the arch-theologian of Lutheranism. Gerhard was the most influential of 17th century Lutheran theologians.

Gerhard, Johann. Patrologia, 1668. Gerhard coined the Latin term “patrology.” 696 pages and 16 unnumbered pages of index. 156 pages of funeral orations.













Hutter, Leonhard. Libri Christianae Concordiae: Symboli Ecclesiarum gnesio Lutherrum. (Book of Concord). 1608. Hutter, 1563-1616, was a professor at Wittenberg and champion of Lutheran Orthodoxy. 14 unnumbered leaves, 1,164pages, and index on many unnumbered pages.















Molinus, Michaelis L. Propositiones damnatae ab Innocentio Xi….Bound in same volume with Sebastian Schmidt.

Nifanius, Christian. Justin…Martyr…in Articulis de Sacra-Santa Trinitate et Persona Jesu Christi….Frankfurt, 1688. 268 pages. In same volume with Sebastian Schmidt.

Schmidt, Sebastian. Aphorismi Theologici. A 1655 and A 1656. Hamburg, 1688. 299 pages. Sebastian Schmidt, 1617-1696. On book spine: Seb. Schmidt Hamburg 1688.Also bound in this volume Cave and Nifanius above.














Much of the data on this page is taken from Deutsche Biographie (http://www.deutsche-biographie.de/index.html), Lutheran Cyclopedia, ed. Erwin L. Lueker, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1975, WorldCat, and from annotations by Edgar M. Krentz..