16th Century Catechisms

  1. Catechismus de Decem Praeceptis. By Justus Jonas. February 11, 1543.
  2. Martin Luthers Lilla Katekes pa Svenska, 1567, in a reprint of 1929, Stockholm.

17th Century Catechisms

  1. Catechesens enfaldige…, 1669.
  2. Einfältige Erklärung der Christlichen Lehr….Frankfurt, 1679.
  3. Institutiones Catecheticae…. By D. Cunr. Dieterici (Johann Konrae Dietrich, 1575-1639. Edition Novissima. Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1685.

18th Century Catechisms

  1. Forklaring ofwer Katechismum. Stockholm, 1728.
  2. Der gueldene Katechismus Lutheri…. Preface by Joh. Jacob Rambachs. Third improved edition. Zuellichau: Waisenhauses, 1737.
  3. Einfaldig Vorklarung….Stockholm, 1754.
  4. German Catechism. By Johann David Kolbey, 1767.
  5. Foerklaring ofwer D. Luthers Lilla Kateches. By E. Pontoppidan. Wusterus, 1767.
  6. Catechetista Arbete. By Peter Muhrbecks. 1769.
  7. Betrachtungen ueber die Sechs Haupstuecke des Catechismus By Magnus Friederich Roos. Tuebingen, 1775.
  8. Catechetiska Foerelaesningar. Upsala, 1779.
  9. Catechetisk Barnalaera. Stockholm, 1781.
  10. Der Kleine Catechismus des seligen Dr. Martin Luthers. 1st edition. Pittsburgh, 1790.
  11. Katechismus der Christlichen Lehre. Hannover, 1790.
  12. D. Morten Luthers Lille Catechismus. Bu Peder Dass. 1794.
  13. Einfaldi Forklaring….Stockholm, 1798.

19th Century Catechisms

  1. Kristina Laran…Doktor Lutheri Mindre Kateks. Stockholm, 1806.
  2. Evangelical Catechism…For the use of the churches belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of he State of New York. Hudson, 1814.
  3. Doct. Mart. Luthers Lilla Cateches….Orebro, 1831.
  4. Dr. Martin Luther’s kleiner und grosser Katechismus. Edited by Johann Konrad Irmischer. Erlangen, 1832.
  5. Dr. Martin Luthers Stoerre Catechismus. Edited by V. A. Sonden. Stockholm, 1834.
  6. Lilla Catech…. Jac. Ax Lindblom, 1838.
  7. Eielsen’s Catechism. Norse-American Centennial Edition. Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1925 (1841). First book printed in America by a Norwegian.
  8. Lilla Cateches. Christianstad, 1842.
  9. Luthers Kleiner Katechismus. 3rd edition. W. Harnisch. 1845.
  10. Haus-, Schul- und Kirchenbuch fuer Christen des lutherischen Bekennnisses. Erster Theil in fuenf Abteilungen. By Wilhelm Loehe. Stuttgart, 1845.
  11. Doct. Mart. Luthers Lilla Cateches. Lindblom and Sefstroem. Trefje Upplagan. Fablun, 1848. Also a second copy available.
  12. Catechetista Arbete. By Peter Muhrbecks. 1849. BX8070.K76 M82 1849.
  13. Doct. Mart. Luthers Lilla Cateches….Orebro, 1850.
  14. Katechismusauslegung aus Dr. Luters Schriften….By Ernst Wilhelm Keyl. Baltimore: Noerdlingen, 1853.
  15. Haus-, Schul- und Kirchenbuch fuer Christen des lutherischen Bekennnisses. Erster Theil in fuenf Abteilungen. Third improved and expanded edition. By Wilhelm Loehe. Stuttgart, 1858. 2nd part, 2nd edition. Guetersloh, 1901.
  16. Der Grosse und Kleine Catechismus. New York: Ludwig, 1854. Also another copy from 1862.
  17. A Short Explanation of Luther’s Small Catechism. Synod of Pennsylvania. Baltimore: T. Newton Kurtz, 1855.
  18. Luther’s Small Catechism with Augsburg Confession. By Authority of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: G. W. Frederick, 1855. Donated by John Schumacher. Same book 1863. Philadelphia: Kinday & Blakiston.
  19. Luther’s Small Catechism, with additions, including the Augsburg Confession.  Philadelphia: Linday & Blakistan, 1855.
  20. A Short Explanation of Luther’s Smaller Catechism. Published by the Authority of the Synod of Pennsylvania. Baltimore: Kurtz, 1855.
  21. Enchiridion. Dr. M. Luthers Lilla Cateches. Edited by Tuve Nilsson Haselquist. Galesburg, IL, 1856.
  22. Vorklaring over sal. Dr. Morten Luthers liden Catechismo. Norway, IL, 1856.
  23. The Smaller Catechism olf Dr. M. Luther. Galesburg, IL, 1856.
  24. Enchiridion of The Smaller Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther. Newmarket: Solomon d. Henkel, 1857.
  25. Evangelical Lutheran Catechism. By S. S. Schmucker. Baltimore, 1859. Another copy from 1860.
  26. Foerklaring ofwer D. Luthers Litta Kateches. By e. Pontoppidan. Orebro, 1861.
  27. Foerklaring ofwer De tre Trons hel. P. Murbeck. Ariklar…Calmar, 1861.
  28. Luthers Lilla Katekes. A. Almquist. Orebro, 1862.
  29. Luther’s Small Catechism…The Augsburg Confession. Philadelphia: Linday & Blakiston, 1862.
  30. Der Kleine Katechismus Dr. Martin Luthers…Augsburg Confession. German Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Pennsylvania and Neighboring States. Summytown, PA, 1862.
  31. Kort…Katechtisera. Joh. Jac. Rambach. Stockholm, 1864.
  32. Dr. Martin Luther’s Smaller Catechism…also Augsburg Confession. Endorsed by Joint Synod of Ohio. New York: Henry Ludwig, 1865.
  33. Wohlunterrichteter Katechtet…. Based on Eighth Edition. Johann Jacob Rambach. St. Louis: L. Volkening, 1866.
  34. Der kleine Catechismus. Mecklenberg Churches. Schwerin, 1866.
  35. Doct. Mart. Luthers Lilla Cateches….Lund, 1867. Another copy available.
  36. Luthers Kleiner Katechismus. Evangelisch-Lutherischen Synode vom Pennsylvanien und benachbarter Staaten. Philadelphia and New York, 1868.
  37. Doct. Mart. Luthers Lilla Cateches. Chicago: Andra Upplagan, 1870.
  38. Doctor Martini Lutheri Stora Cathechismus. Lund, 1870. Gift of John and Mary Telleen Memorial, 1929.
  39. Dr. Martin Luther’s Kleiner Katechismus fuer die Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in den Vereinigten Staaten. Explained by John Conrad Dietrich. New York: Stohlmann, 1872.
  40. Luther’s Small Catechism. Prepared and Published by Authority of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the United States. Philadelphia: Lutheran Publication Society, 1893. From the estate of John H. Tietjen.