J. Albert Bengel 1687-1752

Case 1 Shelf 5

      • Apparatus Criticus ad Novum Testamentum. Tuebingen, 1763. Bengel classified the manuscripts into two geographical groupings: Asiatic and African. He argued that the more difficult reading is likely the original reading. His approach was conservative, and he accepted as genuine 1 John 5:7.
      • Gnomon Novi Testamenti. Tübingen: Schramm, 1759. Three copies. First published in 1742. The word “Gnomon” means “pointer.” He attended primarily to grammatical and historical details and recognized the traditional apostolic authorship of virtually all of the New Testament books.
      • H KAINH DIATHKH NOVUM TESTAMENTUM GRAECUM. 1734. A Greek New Testament with a textual apparatus.



Theodori Bezae

Case 6 Shelf 3

  • Annotationum Maiorum In Novum Testamentum. Two volumes. 1594.






M. Gottfried Büchner

Case 1 shelf 4

Biblishe Real and Verbal Concordanzien. Jena, 1750. This volume was donated to LSTC by the Rev. Fredrick Wiese, of Columbus, Ohio.

Johannes Buxtorf  1564-1629

Buxtorf was an authority on Hebrew and rabbinic literature, and he and his descendants held the post in Hebrew at Basel for over a century. Johannex Buxorf 1599-1664; Jakob Buxtorf 1645-1704; Johannes Buxtorf 1663-1732. The Buxtorfs insisted on  the absolute dependability of the Masoretic Text, including the vowel points, and laid the foundation for the doctrine of inspiration in the Helvetic Consensus Formula.

Case 6 shelf 3

    • Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. Basil, 1735. First edition 1607.
    • Synagoa Judaica. Title page includes his son Johannes Buxtorf and Johannes Jacobus Buxtorf. Basil, 1712. Described many aspects of Jewish faith and practice.


John Chrysostom 345-407

Case 2 shelf 1

  • Expositio in Divi Pauli Epistolas. 1603. Exposition of the Pauline Epistles.






Hugo Grotius 1583-1645

    Grotius was a child prodigy (entered the university at 11) and originated the governmental theory of the atonement.

Case 6 shelf 3

  • Annotationes in Vetus Testamentum. 3 volumes. Halle, 1775-1776.
  • Defensio Fidei Catholicae de Satisfactione Christi. Leipzig, 1730.



Rudolf Gwalther 1519-1586

Case 6 shelf 5

  • In Prophetes Duodecim, quos Vocant Minores…Homiliae. Zurich, 1563. A beautifully preserved contemporary stamped pigskin binding with clasps intact of a collection of homilies on the Minor Prophets. Gwalter succeeded Heinrich Bullinger as Antistes of Zurich at the latter’s death in 1575.



Johann Joachim Lange 1670-1744

Case 7 Shelf 4

  • Mosaisches Licht und Recht.  Halle and Leipzig, 1732. Commentary on the Pentateuch.
    • Biblisch-Historisches Licht und Recht. Halle and Leipzig, 1734. Commentary on Joshua-Esther, plus Job.
      • Davidisch-Salomonisches Licht und Recht. Halle and Leipzig, 1737. Commentary on Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Daniel.
      • Prophetisches Licht und Recht. Halle and Leipzig, 1738. Commentary on the Old Testament prophets and an introduction to Revelation.
      • Evangelisches Licht und Recht. Halle and Leipzig, 1736. Commentary on the Four Gospels and Acts.
      • Apostolisches Licht und Recht. Halle and Leipzig, 1729. Commentary on the letters of Paul, James, Peter, John, and Jude.
        These volumes were donated to LSTC by the Rev. Fredrick Wiese, of Columbus, Ohio.

Johannes Lund

Case 1 Shelf 4

  • Die Alten Jüdischen Heiligthümer. Hamburg, 1722. This volume was completed by Henry Muhl, and donated to LSTC by the Rev. Fredrick Wiese, of Columbus, Ohio.


M. Meichael Lilienthal

Case 6 Shelf 3

  • Biblischer Archivarius der heiligen Schrift Neuen Testaments. Königsberg and Leipzig, 1745. Donated by dgar Krentz.






Johann David Michaelis 1717-1791

Case 7 Shelf 2

  • Erklärung des Briefes an die Hebräer. Frankfut und Leipzig: Garbe, 1762. 
  • Mosaisches Recht. Frankfurt am Main: Garbe. v. 1 1775; v. 2 1776; v. 3 missing; v. 4 1778; v. 5 1775; v. 6 1775.
  • Mosaisches Recht. Biehl. vols 1-3, and vols. 4-6 1777; 6 volumes in 2.
  • Mosaisches Recht. Zweite vermehrte Ausgabe. Frankfurt am Main: Garbe. All six volumes have identical binding. v. 1 1775; v. 2 1776; v. 3 1772; v. 4 1778; v. 5 1775. Vols. 3 and 6 may not be from the same edition.
  • Mosaiskalagen. Stockholm: Marquard, 1806.

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